Premium Scrum and Kanban Training for Video Game Development
Benefits of Scrum and Kanban

Many project managers are seeking ways to make better products and improve the workplace. Practices, like those of Scrum and Kanban, hold the promise to do this. In Theory.

Theory alone isn't enough.
I can work with your company to successfully implement Scrum and Kanban.  As a proven award-winning project leader with 24 years of product development experience and six years of experience with Agile and Scrum, I coach teams to accelerate their adoption of Scrum, Lean and Kanban to avoid the pitfalls.¬†

I will help you:

  • Stop project crunch times!
  • Predict ship dates more effectively.
  • Control and reduce costs.
  • Energize your teams.
  • Focus your talent on creating value.

I provide on-site and public training classes, on-site consulting and mentoring for agile teams at any level of experience. I am a Certified Scrum Trainer and Trained Kanban Coach with decades of real world development experience.


Featured Testimonial
"Clinton has a lot of experience with general game development and is a pioneer with implementing Scrum in game development. His stories were not only interesting but served as a great way to show how Scrum is being used in the real world. He has worked with some big studios including CCP (creators of Eve Online) and Bioware. This gives him both credibility and a great insight into how large companies have made successful games using Scrum."

- Alistair Doulin, Director, Bane Games

Upcoming Events

I'm teaching two public courses on agile game development in Montreal this September (2014):

Certified ScrumMaster for Video Game Development

Kanban for Video Game Development

Featured Resource
Scrum for Video Game Development:
An overview of agile/scrum for video game developers. scrum4vgd